Celebrity Foot Fashion has implemented the following guidelines for image uploads. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the content here so that you understand what is allowed and what will get you banned from this site.

Acceptable Content

Celebrity Foot Fashion is NOT a porn site. We do not allow hardcore pornography of any kind. If it is determined that you have uploaded any hardcore imagery to this site, your account will immediately be terminated and you will be banned from using the Celebrity Foot Fashion website.

You are free to upload any woman you want, as long as she can be verified as a public figure, or be networked in some way with a public figure. Celebrity Foot Fashion utilizes a very complex algorithm for testing and verifying new celebrity uploads. In the event that you upload a woman that our system is not familiar with, that upload will be placed on hold until an administrator can verify its validity. You will be notified via e-mail about the status of such an upload.

Uploading Images of Minors

Because Celebrity Foot Fashion is not a pornography website, we do not have a hard, fast rule about age as it pertains to celebrities that are still minors. However, to avoid any appearance of impropriety, the celebrity must appear to a reasonable person to be at least 16 years of age in the image(s) you choose to upload. Celebrity Foot Fashion is NOT the proper venue for uploading celebrities that obviously look younger than 16 years of age. If it is determined that you have uploaded images of girls that appear to be, or are undisputedly under 16 years of age, your account will immediately be terminated and you will be banned from using the Celebrity Foot Fashion website. You must exercise good, solid judgment when deciding whether or not to upload minor celebrities. If this rule is disregarded, we will have no choice but to institute and enforce a minimum age policy.

Image Cropping

No image should be cropped prior to uploading. If there is a cropped image showing only the woman’s foot or feet, and it can be determined that the cropped image belongs to an already existing full-size image, then the cropped image should be reported as a duplicate and removed from the system. An image crop absent a face will always raise doubt about whether the image crop belongs to a particular celebrity or not, and having the full-size image solves this issue.

Image Resizing:

No image should be resized in either direction prior to uploading. Resizing an image only adds to the degradation of image quality.

Image Blurring:

It is not necessary to blur out any part of the image for any reason. This includes children or other people that may appear alongside the woman in the image. Blurring reduces the quality of the image and we believe that it sends the wrong idea about our community.

Image Quality

The underpinning of Celebrity Foot Fashion is image quality, not quantity. Celebrity Foot Fashion strives to provide the richest, largest, and highest quality images for every celebrity gallery on Celebrity Foot Fashion. We understand that during your image search, at times, there may not be very many images to choose from and that sometimes the only images you can find are small, or low quality. In this case, something is always better than nothing, but the images you choose to upload should have intrinsic value, that is, showing some detail of the woman’s foot or feet. If the image has little to no intrinsic value, then we prefer that you forgo that image upload.

Video Screenshots:

Screenshots derived from videos are not allowed to be uploaded onto Celebrity Foot Fashion unless they are very clear, and fine detail can be observed. Most of the time, a screenshot image is very poor in quality and has very little to no intrinsic value.

For further information on what is considered acceptable image quality, please see the “Image Quality” section above.

Image Reporting

If while browsing Celebrity Foot Fashion, you notice any posted image that is low quality, and the celebrity gallery already has several large, higher quality images, we ask that you report the lower quality image so the system can flag and remove it. Again, the focus of Celebrity Foot Fashion is to provide only the largest and highest quality celebrity images.

Upload Quantity

We do not impose any restrictions whatsoever on the number of images that can be uploaded at one time. If you choose to upload, for example, 500 images from a single photo shoot, you are free to do so. Please note that if the images are very similar, the system may remove what it feels to be duplicates.